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Nov 30, 2022

ICB is back and we've got another world tour episode. this time we're cutting off the music to talk with the wonderful folks who keep the big garage going! 


in this episode: not like super fancy, music recs, the protagonists of blaseball, loving your freaks and blorbos, pierages real, alaynabella hollywood, one of the greatest skateboarders in blaseball,  the most garage band way to do it, the band is not here and you can not reach them here, garages game gnights, it's actually a three hour and fourty minute sports documentary, feather, the seattle freeze, tell us about the octopus, the pacific northwest tree octopus, it was jaylen's fault, tot's strike on the mound, and then the tigers, the garage door is always open, e x p a n d, we're ok+, the emblem warhorse, please watch wrestling, competitive playlist making


~shoutouts zone~

frasier drama trailer 

Modern Guillotine (A Cutting-Edge Device) from Gay Monster Kiss Club by M Gewehr, Josie Brechner, & Tambalaya 

Ghost Town by The Specials 

Our *Other* Garages Episode 

The History of the Seattle Mariners by Secret Base 

Yell Parks Pod 

Bryan Danielson

Lamplight Books 

Left Bank Books 

The Climate Pledge Arena 

We'll Suck Forever by The Garages 

@jojolion's art of zion aliciakeyes and pitching machine 

The Garages Twitter 

The Garages Tumblr 

A Shonen Theme for Garfield 

The Big Garage 


Our theme music comes from the wonderful Hokuto.

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